ALEX - Wave Fitness





  • Bachelor’s degree in physical education, sport and recreation
  • Bachelor’s degree in psychology of athletes and exercisers
  • Certificate for volleyball coach and physical preparation of volleyball players
  • Completed seminar on Trends in physical education and sport


  • Completed seminar on Trends in physical education and sport
  • Lose weight
  • HIIT training
  • Body conditioning exercise
  • Core training
  • Tabata training
  • Total body workout
  • Toning exercise


At the age of twenty, I stopped playing volleyball and started working in a volleyball club as a coach for the physical preparation of volleyball players. I got the opportunity to travel to London to improve my language skills, and I started working out in a gym over there. In London, in addition to everything, I was preparing people for the Marathon. After that, I continued to work in a f_itness center with recreational athletes, and a women’s volleyball club, until today. Since I was (and still am) an athlete, I have tested many methods and dif_ferent types of training on myself, so I have a variety of experiences.  I also had a back injury, which I managed to heal with my own training. I believe that every man is an athlete, only if he f_inds the right sport for himself.