SANIA - Wave Fitness





  • Masters degree in physical education, sport and recreation , specialised in strength and conditioning.
  • Proper diet and supplementation certificate.
  • Miha Bodytec training course, with the three years of experience in individual training with recreational population using Miha Bodytec.
  • Certificate of attendance on the workshops and seminars: Principles of Nutrition in Fitness, Activate your core correctly, Do you activate your glutes properly and Three most common mistakes in postnatal training.
  • Completed seminars on Insulin resistance and diabetes and Trends in physical education and sport.
  • Completed advanced course on: System for monitoring physical and motor skills development in physical education.


  • Healthy lifestyle and fitness coaching.
  • Personalised nutrition and exercise programming. Results based coaching: weight loss, muscles gain, toned muscles, improve mobility, stretching, improving core, improving postural status etc.
  • Specialized group fitness programs such as mix aerobix, TBW, Cardiobox etc.
  • Goal setting and motivation, professional guidance and consultations.


I already have almost 10 years of experience in personalized and group training programs with with recreationists and youths. I am truly dedicated to help you achive your goals! I am giving my best to inspire, motivate and teach you how to change your lifestyle in aim to achieve much healthier and better body status through exercises and nutrition programs. I will help you to find the physical activity that suits you best and which is most efficient for, and I am hoping that, one day, you will love exercising as much as I do.